Financing Long Live

ECOnomically viable • ECOlogically reasonable • Socially responsible

  • Manufacture and quality finishingsOpen or Close

    The manufacture of the modules are made in the factory , which allows a quality control and complete security in each phase of construction.

    The module system allows us to offer a module 100% equipped with exceptional finishings , since all the materials are of first brand quality.

    • Coverings Euronit
    • Insulating Actis
    • Electrical Appliances and furniture Fagor
    • Mechanisms bticino
    • Plated floors FINfloor
    • Natural paints Titan

    Its installation in the desired place is a simple and fast operation.

  • Maintenance and durabilityOpen or Close

    The material which covers our exteriors is a reinforced cement panel , resitant and light which does not require any maintenance and with a living expectancy of 50 years old.

    Together with the steel anticorrosive structure,the roof with i reinforced moisture-proof insulating and the aluminium large windows with thermic bridge, it offers us a long-lasting house.

  • Extended structure and MobileOpen or Close

    The building system of the Plural Container makes the condition of installing, reforming or enlarging a fast and simple job, which allows the clients to build their project step by step according to their necesities.

    Its transportable structures can be installed permanently or temporarily.

  • EcologyOpen or Close

    The Plural Container builds bearing in mind in minimizing the impact on the Environment, allowing a sustainable development , and thus reach a harmony with its habitat using:

    • Recycled materials, recycled or ecofriendly with the environment.
    • Very Fine insulating Multireflectors of the latest generation with the thermic eficiency and high acoustic from which we obtain a high
      saving energy and a true feeling of comfort and well-being.
    • Lightning and low consumption of electrical appliances.
    • Double-glazing with thermic bridge.
    • Natural paints.
    • Vegetal covering .
    • Without acoustic impact, nor visual waste on the plot where it is installed.

    "The Earth is not an inheritance from our parents but a loan to our children."

  • Technique documentsOpen or Close

    Plural Container presents a base project, a technical base document which guarantees the fulfilment of the basic functional demands , safety and a habitable place,which assures well-being and comfort demanded by the present society.
    Such project will enable the request of obliged licences or legal authorizations for the construction of living modules in all their typographical variants.

    All our projects excel all the norms of present constructions

  • Guarantee and solutions custom-madeOpen or Close

    Plural Container aims among its priorities at reaching the excellence in quality and durability of its products as in attending the customer service.

    The excellence includes the avaibalilty of the technical staff to:
    • Resolve any problem in the process of the assembling of the equipment supplied
    • Attending the requests, suggestions of the Customer for the benefit of improving the product
    • Manage their technical complaints
    • Offer a complete availability for any other request