Financing Long Live
Set equipment


  • Facade covering ventilated by means of planks of reinforced cement

  • Moister-proof covering by means of sheet with fibre-glass fitting and ceramic granules self protected finishing

  • Aluminium doors and windows, sliding or convertible with breaking off of a thermic bridge
  • Exterior lightning

  • Exterior sockets

  • Metallic eye-shades in balcony main doors

  • Vertical flowerstand

  • Interior

  • Double roof with thermic and acoustic insulation, refined /multi-reflector

  • Walls and floor with thermic and acoustic insulation,refined/multi-reflector

  • Interior finishing with vinyl paper finishing or washable paint

  • Laminated platform tiled floor AC5

  • Wainscoting protection

  • Lac sliding doors

  • Instalations

  • Electric Material (Brand Bticino)

  • Low consumption lightning

  • Sockets in all the rooms (Brand Bticino)

  • TV socket

  • Insulated pipes

  • Electric water heater (50-80 L)or gas

  • Bathroom

  • Toilet Roca brand

  • Thermo shower cabin 80 x 80cm

  • Washbasin furniture with glass or ceramic top

  • Mirror

  • One controlled tap brand Tres

  • 2 towel holders

    Main bedroom

  • Bedspring with plates

  • Spring mattresses (1,35 x1,90)

  • Set  of lateral high wardrobes and central bridge, same finish inside and outside

  • Three-door wardrobe, same finish inside and outside

  • Design mirror

  • Second rooms

  • Bunk beds or single beds(0,80/0,90 x1,90)

  • Spring mattresses(0,80 /0,90 x1,90)

  • Wardrobe, same finishing inside and outside

  • Kitchen living room

  • High and low furniture in lustreless laminate

  • Working top Compac-Silestone

  • The front of the working top of melamine

  • Combi refrigerator (low consumption)

  • 3 vitroceramic stoves or gas

  • Telecospic extractor

  • Stainless sink 40x40 cm

  • One controlled tap brand Tres

  • Dining table

  • Four chairs

  • Design Sofa convertible into 2 beds of 80 x1, 90.
    Unsheathed tapestry

  • Lac shelves

  • Lamp

  • Clock
Optional Equipment


  • An external porch of iron structure and translucent policarbonate plates

  • A terrace on the upper part with stainless steel or iron railing and metallic stairs

  • Vegetable covering

  • Interior

  • Curtains at windows

  • Instalations

  • Eco-emiting heating in bathrooms,bedrooms and living room

  • Air Conditioning

    Main bedroom

  • Convertible vertical bed (1.35 x 1,90 ) in main room with the same finishing as the wardrobes

  • Kitchen Dining room

  • The front of the working top of Compac 

  • Built-in combi refrigerator

  • Microwave-oven

  • Built-in washing machine

  • Built-in dishwasher

  • Bathroom

  • Luxurious shower cabin with safety glass 80 x80 cm

  • Lac washbasin furniture with glass top Vintage